walkthrough by Jonochrome (JonBro)

* I recommend using this walkthrough only if you need to.


Click through the opening dialogue until you reach the portal room.


Click the purple power box on the left.
Use the Power Room keycard on the keycard slot.
Go back with the red arrow.

Click the green circuit box.
In the first column, click the bottom arrow twice.
In the second column, click the bottom arrow once.
In the third column, click the top arrow twice.
The fourth column can be left unchanged.
In the fifth column, click the top arrow once.
Go back with the red arrow.

(If you want hints for the password on the monitor before proceeding:

1. The scrap of paper on the right is where the password is.

2. Look carefully at the WOOF.

3. Do those letters look like anything?

4. Try to think it through from a different angle.)

Click the monitor on the right.
Input 4003 and click the check button.
The - and + buttons change the pLatitude and pLongitude by 5.
The -- and ++ buttons change the pLatitude and pLongitude by 6.
The 0 buttons reset them each to 0.
Your goal is to get the numbers to match the Latitude and Longitude.

Press the pLatitude ++ button four times.
Press the pLatitude + button three times.
Press the pLongitude -- button twelve times.
Press the pLongitude - button one time.
Click Activate, then go back with the red arrow.

Click on the portal and proceed through the cutscene's dialogue.


Click on the trash can to get a stained paper bag.
Talk to Phred to get a green backpack.
Combine the backpack with the paper bag to make a Phil Eggtree decoy.
Use the decoy on Phil.
Exit the room.

In the hallway, click the locker directly to the right of the fountain.
Take the math book from inside.
Head left, then into Mr. Kahm's room.
In Mr. Kahm's room, take the chewing gum stuck to the bottom of the top desk.
Talk to Richy if you want, then leave the room.
Head right twice, then into the janitor's closet.
Take the bucket. Go back into the hallway.
Walk right one screen, then into the men's room.
Grab the hand soap. Leave the restroom.
Go right one more screen, then into the women's room.
Click through the cutscene dialogue.
Use the hand soap on the gumball machine.
Take a gumball. Leave the room.
Move right one more screen, where you will find a wall of lasers.

(Hints for getting past the red lasers:

1. Read the red sign on the right. The gun will shoot any human DNA the red lasers detect.

2. Notice that the red lasers and the gun are both connected to the same power source.

3. What item in your inventory is covered with human DNA?)

To get past the lasers, use the chewing gum on the electrical box.
Watch the brief cutscene, then go right. Talk to Chubb.
When you're met with options, choose "Could you maybe scooch over a bit?"
Chubb will give you a dollar during your conversation.
Click "See you 'round" to end your talk.
Give Chubb the gumball to open access to the teacher's lounge.
Move right one screen, then enter the cafeteria.
Pick up the coffee grounds on the table.
Leave the cafeteria.

One screen to the left, step into the teacher's lounge.
Show Nit Wit the "exceedingly long division" book.
While he is distracted, nab his eye drops. Leave the teacher's lounge.

Go back to the far left end of the hallway.
Enter Mr. Kahm's classroom and give Richy the dollar.
Richy will give you an Elmo's Glue stick.
Leave the room.

On the second leftmost hallway screen, use the bucket of water on the water fountain.
Head up into Ms. Cophey's room, then use the bucket of water on Zack.
After the cutscene, combine the hot water bucket with the coffee grounds.
Give your newly-made coffee to Ms. Cophey.
Cutscene. Use the industrial eye dropper on Ms. Cophey.
Combine the hand soap and the sawed-open eye dropper.
Combine the glue stick with the sawed-open eye dropper full of soap.
You now have an eye dropper full of soap. Exit the classroom.

Move five screens to the right and up into the teacher's lounge.
Put the eye dropper full of soap on the conveniently situated cloth.
Talk to Nit Wit. Say, "Yes, your intellect is truly superior."
Greet Nit Wit once more. Say, "Does your eye feel dry right now?"
Enjoy the cutscene and enter the principal's office.


There is no consequence for wrong answers during the quiz.
On Question 1, answers A or B will advance the scene.
On Questions 2 and 3, any answer works.
On Question 4, answer B advances the scene.
The cutscene goes on for a while longer, and then you are met with the final challenge.


Click the red arrow to view the back of the room.
Click any of the compartments on the left for a puzzle.

Red Compartment
Click on the middle seven hexagons once each, then the center hexagon a second time.
Go back.

Green Compartment
Click the outermost circle eight times.
Click the second outermost circle four times.
Click the third outermost circle nine times.
Click the center circle eight times.
Go back.

Blue Compartment
Click the arrows in this order:
1. left side, middle button
2. bottom side, middle button
3. left side, top button
4. left side, middle button
5. top side, right button
6. left side, bottom button
Go back.

Click the dialpad panel on the right.
The flashing escape pod sign is your hint for this puzzle.
Enter EACCA and press Enter.
Take the key, and go back.

Click the red arrow to view the front of the ship.
Click on the front panel.
Use the key on the keyhole.
Enjoy the ending.

That's it!
Thank you for playing Riddle School series. It's been a wild ride.