walkthrough by JonBro

* I recommend using this walkthrough only as a last resort.
* On an unrelated note, I also recommend using a fire extinguisher only when there's a fire.



It's worth noting that after you've seen the intro movie once, you can skip it any other time you play the game.
If it's your first time playing, just click through the dialogue, and after 2 minutes, the real gameplay will begin.

The game begins in Phil's prison cell on Floor 2 of Zone 5.1.
Click on the lid of the toilet and briefly pretend you don't mind having germs.
From the inside of the toilet tank, grab the flusher handle, and click the red arrow to leave the tank.
Click the flusher handle in your inventory and use it on the dialpad next to the cell door.
You find the code by looking at the television screen in the corner of the room.
Input 78255 and press the check button, which is just a confirmation button.
Once out of the cell, leave the room by clicking on the arrow facing to the left.

In the hallway, head into the door with the box on it.
This is the storage room. All of the boxes are empty, so I guess it's a box office... I've already used this joke.
Click on the overlapping papers on the bulletin board.
The papers that aren't overlapped by other papers are the ones you click first. Uncover them one by one.
The elevator key will be underneath the lowest paper. Collect it once it's uncovered.
Leave the room.

Back in the hallway, go to the door directly left of the storage room door.
There is a goat here. He has a lifetime supply of grass, but he's a picky eater and wants it to taste fresher.
All you have to do in this room is click the purple thing under the Goat-Man sign.
The purple thing is a creature communicator, which you can use to talk to the goat, but only if you want to.
Go back into the hallway.

Now go to the left. You'll find the elevator, which is turned off.
Click the buttons that are just inside the elevator, and use the elevator key you've obtained on the keyhole.
This is where the game becomes less linear, so there are a number of things you could do here.

I recommend starting your trip through Zone 5.1 on B2, which stands for Basement 2, like in Zelda.
Take a right from the elevator and enter the left passage. You will meet an unpleasant plesiosaur.
Take the hose at the bottom-left corner of the screen when you're not having a conversation.
Use the creature communicator on him. Ask him, "Where did you used to live before you were put in here?"
During his dialogue, he'll give you the Power Room access card.
Say "Communicate with you later" to stop the conversation, but not without the cryptid getting the final word.
Go back to the B2 hallway.

You could head to the right and talk to the Guard Door if you want, but he's not important yet.
Go back to the elevator and head up one floor to B1.

On B1, head one screen right to the central hall area.
While on this screen, use the Power Room access card on the card reader next to the door lacking an arrow.
Doing this will give you access to the Power Room. Well, it's pretty likely you figured that much out.
Go to the left passage, where you'll find Yeddy, also known as the Negotiable Snowman.
Use the creature communicator on him and say, "It looks like you don't have a whole lot of hair."
It won't seem useful, but it's required that you read this dialogue to help Yeddy with his hair problem.
Go back outside to the hall.

Enter the Power Room (the one you just opened with the access card) and click the "pipeline shifter."
To solve this sliding puzzle, you don't even have to move the top-left piece.
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 (Assume that each position of the sliding puzzle is represented by a number.)
Click on the nine panel positions in this order: 2, 5, 4, 7, 8, 5, 2, 3, 6, 9.
I'm pretty sure that's the quickest way to do this puzzle from its default setup.
Use the flusher handle (which you got from the first room) on the hole that says FLUSH next to it.
Enjoy the cutscene and leave the Power Room.

You could go into the room with the sunset picture next to it, but it's not useful just yet.
Head back to the elevator and go to F1, or Floor 1. Go right once to the central hall area.
You could take the left passage to Bigtoe, who craves fancy hats, but you don't need to yet.
You could also go down the long hallway to the I.F.O. Deck, but you don't need to yet.
Just go right, and ask Smiley, "Could I have your hair spray?" You will receive the hair spray.
As once noted, this option will only appear if you have first asked Yeddy about his hair problem.
Feel free to leave the room and go back to the elevator once again.

Now take the elevator to the highest floor.
Go right to the center hall area, and enter the room with the red door, which leads to the Fine Lounge.
Click on the hose that is in your inventory.
Put the start of the hose on the drink-despensing area of the Chloro-Fill machine.
Put the spout end of the hose on the odd trash can thing, which is really a pipe to Goat-Man's room.
The grass is greener on the other side. ...Wow, I didn't even make that joke on purpose... Exit the room.

Walk back to the elevator and take it down to Floor 2, where Phil originally was.
The obsessed goat is now chowing down on the new green grass. He won't let you put one foot on it.
All you have to do here is click the daisy closest to the ladder, because it's the only daisy you can grab
without having to walk on the grass. Leave the room, and head back to the elevator again.

Take the elevator to the top floor again.
Go right one screen, into the door with the burning picture next to it.
You don't have to talk to Zack. But if you do, he gives you hints about what his dialpad passcode is, as well
as intriguing detailed information about his allergies (specifically how he sneezes when he smells daisies).
If Zack's passcode is the reason you're looking at this walkthrough, it's actually easier than it seems to be.
Click on the dialpad, enter 12345, and click on the check button. Zack isn't free just yet.
Use the daisy you obtained from the goat's living space on Zack, who will then sneeze himself free.
After a short cutscene, Zack will appear in your inventory. Step back out into the hall.

On the same floor, simply enter the left passage where you will find the flying pig from Riddle School 3 and 5.
Take Zack from your inventory and use him on the hardwood board that is keeping the swine from escaping.
Once the obese depressed winged hog has been set free, you can take the leftover feathers from his cage.

Go back to the elevator and take it down to B2.
Enter the left passage where the aquatic curmudgeon named Messie was, and take the floating top hat.
At this point, you can combine the top hat with the feathers and make a fancy feather hat.

Go back to the elevator again and take it up to B1.
Enter the left passage to Yeddy, whom you've already talked to once before, and give him the hair spray.
He will give you a die from a board game.

Go back to the elevator yet again and take it up to F1.
Enter the door with the picture of sunshine next to it, which you already know to be Smiley's cell.
Take a closer look at the dialpad, and place the game die into the slot where the "3" button should be.
If you've already asked Smiley what the code to her dialpad is, you'll know it's 51333, so just put that in.
Only one more human friend left to free. Leave the room.

Enter the left passage on the same floor, F1, and talk to Bigtoe, lover of fancy hats.
If you haven't done so, combine the top hat and feathers in your inventory to make a fancy feather hat.
Give the feather hat combo to Bigtoe, who will give you a calculator, which is really a dialpad.

Head back down to B1 by way of elevator.
Enter the rightmost room where Phil's best friend Phred is. (His room is based on the restroom from RS3.)
Use the dialpad on the dialpad slot next to Phred's cell door. Now you can use it.
I feel like it's pretty likely you're looking at this walkthrough because you're wondering what "Snoz" means.
Before giving you the full answer, I'll give you a hint: The "n" is a two-digit number.
If you need another hint, I'll say the "s" represents the number 5, and the "n" represents a 17.
If you need more hints, I'll also tell you "o" is 0 and "z" is 2. And the full answer is Snoz = 51702.
...Apparently people who have experienced bad handwriting answer this puzzle pretty quickly!

Now that Phil, Phred, Smiley, and Zack are all free, take the elevator to the very bottom floor.
Head all the way to the right, where the Guard Door is keeping you from entering the final room.
Talk to it. Since you've freed everyone else, the Guard Door will go nuts, continuously opening and closing.
Go back to the elevator and take it to B1.
Reenter the Power Room and click on the "Guard Door power" (which is directly right of the sliding puzzle).
This part is all about timing. At the right moment, turn the Guard Door off so that it stays open.
The best time to do this is immediately after the Guard Door shuts its mouth. Or, if you're not confident, you
could also have the power off while the door is closed, then quickly press the button twice to get it open.
Then leave and take the elevator to the bottom floor one more time.
When you return to the guard door, its mouth will be open, and you will be able to enter the final room.

We're at least 95% of the way through the game, and now it saves. At least it saves, unlike Riddle School 5.
This cutscene is another sorta important one, but just like the intro, you can skip it after having seen it once.

In the last room where Diz is, start by putting the creature communicator in the communicator-shaped slot.
This will literally open up the doors to a new array of puzzles.
If you press the red exit arrow while looking at any of the puzzles, that puzzle will reset.

The bottom-left puzzle is pretty easy. Each of the white tiles is a button that cycles through a set of shapes
after each click. Below is a number grid of the white tile puzzle. Each number is equal to how many times
you press that tile button to get it to the right shape to correctly copy the pattern above the tile grid.
3 4 3 0
2 5 5 1
3 1 2 1
2 1 5 4
Then make sure you click the gray square arrow button on the right once you've copied the puzzle.

The bottom-right puzzle could be difficult to figure out.
By clicking a green tile on the grid to the right, you can make it blue, and vice verse.
What you do is look at the subtraction problems on the left, which say things like 7 - 0 = _.
The answer to that problem is obviously 7, so you must make a blue 7 on the green grid to the right.
Just change the grid to to make it look these three patterns:
B B B       B B B       B B B
V V B       B V V       B V B
V V B       B B B       B V B
V V B       B V B       B V B       (The B's stand for blue and the V's stand for green)
V V B       B B B       B B B       (The V's were going to be G's but that made the pattern harder to see)

The top-left puzzle is really easy. It was difficult in my mind, but then I made it, and it wasn't.
Click every button a single time, except for the bottom-left one. That's the whole puzzle.

The top-right puzzle is considered to be probably the hardest puzzle in the game.
The way you solve the puzzle is actually much simpler than even I originally knew.
On the pattern, click on every triangle once, except for the two on the far left and the two on the far right.
Then it's done. There might be an even simpler way to finish this puzzle, but I don't know what it could be.

With all the puzzles done, click Diz to enter the last short segment of the game.

A short cutscene. When Diz is with Phil and his friends, navigate to Floor 1 (F1) with the elevator.
Once there, go down the long hallway on the right.
Click the Vizion ship, and the game guides you through the rest.


Special features unlocked.

Anyways, I hope you didn't look at this walkthrough before beating the game!
But if you did... I guess that's okay, because that's the point of a walkthrough.