Riddle School
walkthrough by JonBro

To escape the first room, click the pencil sharpener and proceed through the conversation.

When in the hallway, go East once. There is a hall pass in the locker with two slits in it instead of three.
Click on it and it will go into your inventory.

Go North into the classroom. There is a feather duster in the trash can.
Click on the trash can and the feather duster will go into your inventory.

Leave the room and head East once more.
Go North into the janitor's closet and click on the feather duster in your inventory. You will recieve a dollar.

Leave the room and go right until you meet Richy the hall guard.
Show him the hall pass and he will leave.

(Come to think of it, it's unknown where Richy went after that. If he left the school, Phil would have been smart to follow him.)

Anyways, continue on until you see a gigantic tub of lard, AKA Chubb the obese kid.
Give him the dollar and he will be satisfied.

When you enter the Teacher's Lounge he was blocking a second ago, a teacher with no name will ask where you think you're going.
Answer "I need to talk to the principal."
When she asks why you're doing that, answer "I want to tell him a joke."
She will, for whatever reason, understand that idea and allow you access to the principal's office.

Watch the short cutscene. Or not, it's up to you. You can't skip it though BWAHAHA

The no-named teacher will say bye to you when the cutscene is over, and all you have to do after that is go West until you leave the school.

You win! (But if you read this, you cheated. Way to go.)