Whatever doesn't have a proper home in any other section of the site lives here.

Past Website Designs
The history of my website and its many different forms.

Leisure Replay - Paper Mario (N64)
(July 23, 2014) While playing through Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 again to complete it, I kept a journal.

Leisure Replay - Twilight Princess
(June 3, 2014) While playing through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess again to complete it, I kept a journal.

Untitled Comics
I made these age-appropriate comic strips in 2009 after delighting in boatloads of absurdly inappropriate Cyanide & Happiness comics.

A Loop for Luis
This is something I made for Luis Castanon in 2012 based on his support for the Newgrounds size-changing feature and his half-joking declaration once upon a time that he was hoping to punch me in the face if he saw me at Comic Con again. (For the record, he's a pretty cool guy.)

Smash Bros. Pancake
A delectably dumb reference to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl website.
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