Contact/Follow Me
(These are all my active, or otherwise presently valued, accounts)

Mail / jonochrome(at) - My public email address. I read all messages, even if I don't respond to them all.
Twitter / Jonochrome - All my personal thoughts under 140 characters.
Twitter / JonochromeNews - Concise news related to Jonochrome.

(The following is a list of pages in which I am not currently particularly devoted to)

Newgrounds / JonBro - No longer active, but a good bit of my Flash work can be found here, among other odds and ends.
Steam / tehjonbro - Steam isn't a place I regularly log into, but when I do, fun times are had.
TIGsource / tehjonbro - I love lurking on this incredible creative forum, even if I never have a reason to post there.
Newgrounds / Jonochrome - It's hard to say whether or not this account will be active. If it is, it'll be seldom.
YouTube / Jonochrome - My outlet for displaying and discussing creations and craft that I haven't used at all.
Backloggery / tehjonbro - A probably-not-quite-complete list of games I own or have played, and whether I've beaten them.
YouTube / tehjonbro - My old YouTube channel, or at least, a newer version of it since I'd accidentally deleted the original.

Entertaining Sites
(A list of websites I particularly appreciate or enjoy for various reasons)

Newgrounds | YouTube | Twitter | | Guinea Something Good | fat-pie | Jish's Junk | Cave Story Tribute Site | | Super Fun Dungeon Run | | TIGForums | South Park Studios |


Adobe Products - Where you can try or buy Flash, Photoshop, and other joyous programs.

GraphicsGale - A free and efficient tool for pixel art and animation, with an immensely useful animated preview window.

Swivel - The ideal SWF-to-video converter, created by Newgrounds and littered with helpful features.

Newgrounds Wiki: Tutorials - Here's a pretty decent Newgrounds collection of Flash- and art-based tutorials.

Notepad++ - A clear, familiar text editor that color-codes webpage elements, which I used to construct this website.

Audacity - Free, easy-to-use sound-recording software with a plethora of editing features that are fun to play around with.

Image-Line - Where you can buy FL Studio, a music mixing program more humorously known as Fruity Loops. (PC-only.)

Camtasia Studio - Versatile screen-recording and editing software. A free trial is available on the site.

Spriter's Resource - A site for primarily pixelated video game sprite sheets, which is very useful for sprite animations.

Mario Fan Games Galaxy - MFGG is centered around specifically Mario-related fan games and sprite sheets. - An accessible font site split into categories, each of which contains tons of free downloadable fonts.

(If parts of this site appear missing or incomplete, try downloading the latest version of Flash Player.)