The 10th Anniversary of Riddle School
[May 25, 2016]

As of today, Riddle School has been on the Internet for ten years, and I felt inspired to patch up the wide-open cliffhanger at the end of Riddle Transfer.

Riddle Transfer 2 has finally been released.

Play on Newgrounds
Play on GameJolt

I plan to make an update to this site in the near future to arrange the Games page a little differently, since by creating this game under my current alias, Jonochrome, as well as my past alias, JonBro, the line between those two separate eras of my Internet life have been blurred, and I'm thinking maybe I don't need to separate them as much as I once thought. The One Night at Flumpty's games will also be put back with this update, along with my latest little Undertale fan game called Undercook. And I should stop procrastinating on putting the Leisure Replays back, too. Goodness, I gotta make up for my general lack of updates.

- Jonathan

[January 29, 2016]

If you're wondering why I haven't posted a news update since 2014, there are three reasons for that.

1. Deleted Updates
I made a couple of updates in 2015, but I removed them for reasons that I won't explain. (On that note, I also removed the Tangents section, mostly because it had too much negativity. I'd like to put the Leisure Replays back.)

2. Poor Planning
This website isn't the most convenient for me to update, so I tend to update it only if something significant happens or if I've just neglected the site for too long.

3. Hard Work
For the past six years, I've been trying to develop the game of my dreams. Sadly, it is still a very long way away from being done, but it's my top priority. When I'm not doing coursework, most of my free time is spent working on this largely secret project. I feel as if I shouldn't make updates unless I have something to show off when I do, and I can't exactly show a huge work-in-progress project where most of the details aren't set in stone.

My Twitter gets updated a lot more than this site does: @Jonochrome
Maybe one day, I'll have a website I can update without it feeling like a hassle.
- Jonathan

[June 29, 2014]

You know that game I said I started working on in my previous update that I was going to put all my focus on until it got finished? It didn't get finished. Like I've said before, games are a lot of work, and I guess I just can't convince myself to exhaust my efforts making a game unless I have a solid confidence that it will be great from my own perspective. The game I started making was a nonsensical shmup, and I went in with the mentality that "maybe this will work itself out" despite my not having any plans for it, but I realized after a while that I have nothing new to add to the shmup genre, and all the ideas I had for it have already been done dozens of times. It probably doesn't help that I'm not a big shmup fan. I don't blame anyone who is, it's just not one of my favorite genres.

Another bit of bittersweet news is that I've deactivated my personal Twitter account. This is something I considered doing a long time ago, but I decided to give Twitter another chance by tweeting a lot less, limiting my access to the site, and slimming down the number of people I was following. That worked okay for a while, but Twitter was still a fairly consistent source of grief in my life, because it's an addicting time-waster and a clumsy way to communicate. There's no room to properly express yourself in such a small space, and the network is designed so that anyone can instantly respond to anyone else with a quick little message, which means it's easy to speak before you think, say things you don't mean, and stir up unintelligible arguments that could have been avoided in a more elegant system. A little bit of extra time to think and to consider what others say can make a world of difference (and this is something I need to remember as much as anyone else).

Tomorrow, I won't be a teen anymore. I will be 20 years old, meaning anything I accomplish from that point on won't seem quite as impressive. I think I'm okay with that, as long as I accomplish something.

[Edit | July 1, 2014] For whom it may concern, yesterday was very much a success. Thank you for your birthday wishes!
- Jonathan

Day After April Fools
[April 2, 2014]

It has now been four years since I uploaded Riddle School 5 to Newgrounds.

When I made Riddle School long ago, I modelled Phil's character to be the kind of person I wished I was. I wanted to be full of one-liners and use my wits to sneak out of school without any lasting consequences. Riddle School 5 was like my transition into the realization that it's unrealistic not to expect consequences for doing something you aren't supposed to do. I stayed in school.

Site updates have been sparse. That's partly due to trips out of town for complicated family reasons, and mostly due to my final high school class. It took way longer than it should have, but it's finished! It is done. I did what I'd always wanted to do--I escaped school.

I'm surprised that things don't feel more different. I still feel trapped in my own mind, and people still pressure me to be something I'm not and to do things that aren't "me". I just added a new quote to my Settling Down With Some Quotes tangent. It's a quote from a Tim Burton movie, and the line is spoken by an actor representing Orson Welles, the writer/director/actor/producer of Citizen Kane (A.K.A. what is popularly considered the greatest film ever made). I'd be lying if I said I liked Citizen Kane when I watched it in my history class, but I admire Orson Welles as a true visionary. The real man, not the one acted in Tim Burton's film, said another quote I kinda like: "The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." I tend to give myself either too few or too many limitations, and perhaps that's one of the reasons I haven't finished anything lately. I feel like my limits are so skewed that I keep starting new projects because my ideas don't fit within the preconceived boundaries (or lack thereof) with whatever I'm making at the time.

So, I started making a game the other day. I'm not allowing myself to work on anything else until I finish this game I just started, and that is my central limitation. Besides that, I have given myself no rules. This might be the limitation I need.

In other news, I fixed a number of links in the Animations section that I didn't know were broken. Please let me know if there are more I didn't fix! And thanks for sticking around. I know it's easy to forget I exist because I haven't finished anything in a long time, but you know... "You can't rush art."
- Jonathan

Happy New Year!
[January 6, 2014]

I know, I'm late. A lot has been going on.

My excuse for not getting anything done is usually that I'm still in school trying to finish my last classes. Sadly, that's still the case, but I'm pretty close to the end of my coursework. After that, my excuse for not having anything new to show will be that I'm working on new things to show.

One bit of news is that my Google+ page told my YouTube channel, "If I go down, I'm taking you with me!" like Andross from Star Fox 64. In other words, I deleted my Google+ account, which led to my YouTube channel apparently also being deleted because there's no way to disconnect one from the other anymore. In a way, this feels like a slap in the face, but I'm not too bitter about it, because most of the videos I had on my channel are backed up on a hard drive. I seem to have missed a few videos in my backing-up process, though. I'll work on bringing them back, but if I can't, I apologize in advance.

- Jonathan

Two Old Incomplete Animations Now Viewable
[November 1, 2013]

Years ago, I had two decently large animation projects in the works--Pain on the Brain 4, and Toad's Present. The former was something a lot of people were looking forward to. The latter was something I kept close to myself, for the most part. For different reasons, both were neglected, but never fully forgotten. You can watch both of them and read a bit about them in the new Flash Disposal Animation subsection. It's pretty much just like the Discard Pile Games subsection, but with animations instead. Enjoy.

Also, if you missed it, I released a Dokney Knog animation to YouTube a couple of days ago for Halloween.
(Dokney Knog Goes to Hollaween)

- Jonathan

New Identity
[October 15, 2013]

From 2005 to 2013, I was JonBro on

From now on, I will go by Jonochrome. ...or just Jonathan.

(I'll still log onto my JonBro Newgrounds account to respond to private messages, and I'll still use my tehjonbro username on websites where I can't change it, but that name won't be emphasized anymore.)

The era of JonBro had to come to a close. Over time, I realized it was not the most professional, adult-sounding moniker I could have asked for as I entered my late teen years, and I wanted to create a nickname that was more mature and versatile. By making a new name for myself, I wanted to be able to separate my past self with my newfound leap in ambition, so my new works could be uniquely identified by their production value and not have to be directly associated with old projects I am no longer as proud of.

I'm thankful for my time as JonBro. I have many memories attached to the name--particularly the mixed memories of the Riddle School and Riddle Transfer series--and I would never want those memories to leave me, because they've taught me a lot. Although, at the same time, everything I made under the name JonBro is decidedly finished. I won't be continuing or bringing back what I left behind, and becoming Jonochrome was one way of establishing that I'm ready to move on.

At this point, I have little to show with my new identity, but this will change in due time. As always, I can't promise that anything I'm working on will be finished, because that depends on many personal factors. I will say, however, that I have several things in the works right now, and I already feel as though they have the potential to outdo anything I've ever made before. I have not stopped being who I am--I'm just putting more effort and care into creating what I consider art.

If you've supported me in my years as JonBro, I'm forever grateful for that. I hope that you continue to enjoy what I made then, and that you join me on my present journey to cover unexplored territory.

Follow JonochromeNews on Twitter to keep up-to-date with official-ish news.
Follow Jonochrome for my personal thoughts.

With that, I have no idea when the next website update will be, but I'll see you when it happens.

- Jonathan
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